Our company is specialized in high-performance rare earth permanent magnet servo motors, intelligent industrial robots, vertical axis rare earth permanent magnet generators, intelligent equipment, intelligent teaching equipment, medical equipment and others.


Ganzhou Zhongke TOYODA Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

is a science and technology enterprise jointly invested by TOYODA Technology Group,

Ganzhou Rare Earth Group and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It is a collection of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet servo motor, intelligent industrial robot, vertical axis rare earth permanent magnet generator, intelligent equipment, intelligent teaching equipment, medical equipment with domestic and foreign trade enterprises.

The company settled in China rare gold valley, the total investment of more than 1 billion yuan.
President Zhao Xin is a high-tech talent who has returned to China after studying abroad and has won many national individual and team honors.
President Zhao led the team to complete major national international science and technology cooperation projects, national energy conservation and emission reduction projects, national strategic new industry projects, national transformation and upgrading projects, science and technology innovation fund projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and major transformation projects of scientific and technological achievements.
The Company goal: innovation and creation, industry leadership, to become a global influential enterprise.


[High-performance rare earth permanent magnet servo motor]

The company undertook the national-level “Project with an annual output of 100,000 units (sets) of servo motors”. It has R&D centers abroad, and joint R&D with the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Rare Earth R&D Center. It has achieved scientific and technological achievements of international advanced level.

The company designs, develops and manufactures core processes and technical equipment to form new products, new technologies and new processes to achieve mass production of high-performance servo motors. According to the requirements of industrial robots and high-precision machinery and equipment industries.Independently developed a servo motor with greater overload capacity. This motor features: small mass, short axial size, maximum power-to-mass ratio and torque-to-inertia ratio, high starting torque, low inertia, wide and smooth speed regulation range, and high reliability.The company has also independently developed a robot intelligent production line to realize unmanned intelligent production of housing, winding, magnetization, assembly and other processes.The company uses advanced technology to produce high-quality servo motor products to meet the current development requirements of the servo motor market. It promotes the rapid development of  high-efficiency motor industry in China and makes a strong contribution to sustainable economic development of our country.

[Intelligent Industrial Robot]

The intelligent industrial robot project of our company integrates R&D, design, and production of six-axis industrial robots and special industrial rob ots.The project has built a modern robot industrial production line with an annual output of 2000 sets (sets) of all kinds of 6-axis industrial robots, glaze spraying robots, welding robots, rare earth smelting robots, rare earth polishing robots and various industrial robot hands.The industrial robots developed and produced by the company adopt self-developed controllers, servo systems, and robot appearance structures.In order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the robot, a better interoperable control and servo system has been developed, which has improved the response speed of the servo system, and has mastered core algorithms such as parameter self-tuning, vibration suppression algorithms, and torque ripple compensation.The motion control of multiple servos is calculated in advance through the underlying algorithm, which realizes the coordinated control of control, servo drive and servo motor, and realizes precise control under high dynamic multi-axis nonlinear conditions.It enables the robot to respond faster and position more accurately.According to the requirements of different industries and different types of work, our company solves the problem that customers cannot use robots efficiently.


[Vertical axis rare earth permanent magnet wind turbine]

The scientific and technological achievements of our company's projects have reached the "international advanced level".Our company is the drafting unit of the national vertical axis wind turbine standard,and undertook the national international science and technology cooperation project, the national small and medium-sized enterprise innovation basic project, the outstanding project of the Ministry of Human Resources to return to China to start a business.Our company has won the title of "National Key New Product" and the Excellent Award of China Patent Award.New energy wind turbine products have been used in key projects such as Antarctic Scientific Research Station, South China Sea Deep Sea Monitoring Platform, Zhurihe Military Base, World Horticultural Exposition, Sinopec, and Communication Base Station.


[R&D and manufacturing of medical equipment]

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown epidemic broke out, and when the crisis came, our company took the initiative to switch to the research and development of mask production equipment.Our company uses the existing workshops to build a clean mask workshop of 3000 square meters and self-made 23 sets of automatic mask production lines.Our company has successfully completed an annual production line of 100 sets (sets) of smart masks and a daily production of 3 million masks project.Responding to the allocation of mask materials from countries, provinces, cities and districts, our company donated millions of masks to schools, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and other units. Mask equipment and mask products were exported to Russia, Italy and other countries, helping other mask manufacturers to expand Capacity,During the epidemic, our company provided masks to local enterprises in Jiangxi to assist in the resumption of work and production, and made significant contributions to the prevention and control of the country, provinces, cities, and districts.State and local leaders such as the research team of the Central Office of the State Council, Liu Qi, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Yi Lianhong, Governor Yi Lianhong, and Yao Zengke, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, visited to our company.


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