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Wind and solar hybrid monitoring power supply equipment

Wind and solar hybrid monitoring power supply equipment

Wind and solar hybrid monitoring system is especially suitable for the monitoring system which is remote to State grid and small load power using. It could provide stable and reliable power for the monitoring equipment. Wind and solar energy is the easiest to obtain and inexhaustible energy, so the application of wind-solar hybrid power supply system on the expressway, urban road and other project likewise could not only save cost compared with using power transmission and distribution, but also be safer. If we use the traditional video monitoring methods to monitor large area in highway project, city road, forest fire prevention, insect disease prevention monitoring system, border posts, etc. a wide range of power transmission network and fiber transmission network need to be built. The construction work is difficult and cost is high. The cost to maintenance is also large, so it is hard to achieve. With the opening of 3G wireless communication net, wireless image transmission becomes easy. By assorted with wind and solar power supply system, installing video monitoring system at random point could be achieved, which will make it possible to the general application of video monitoring system, and improve the security of the project. Advantages of Independent monitoring system: 1--Energy Saving Solar and wind energy has strong complementarity in time and region. In daytime light is strong and wind is small, at night the wind goes up due to the change of earth surface temperature. Complementarity of solar and wind energy is the best match for natural resources utilization. 2--Stable and Reliable Under the suitable meteorological condition, wind & solar complementary system can improve electrical continuity, stability and reliability. 3--Good economic benefit The construction cost of monitor power lines are very high, as an extension of the road, a booster system is needed. In the outer suburbs of highway monitoring power lines, the cost is high, so the consumption of electricity on line is. And wind & solar hybrid monitoring system does not need transmission lines and consume electricity, has obvious economic benefits. 4--Cable is not easy to be stolen Wind & solar power supply system is independent which does not need cable to connect with state grid line, and reduces the possibility of being stolen. 5--Technology supported strongly by our country Pollution of the traditional energy to the environment is very serious. Wind & solar independent electricity power system is a new type of green and environmental, which is a new technology rapidly developed and promoted by our country      


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